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Released: June 7, 2010
Downloads: 192

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What is it?

phpInputValidator is an Open Source input validation and filtering library written in PHP.

What can it do?

Here is a none exhausted list of what it can do:

open View list

How does it work?

Please see the examples.
Or the demo.

Why do I need it?

It will allow you to safely fetch and validate any input to your program/page. It will save you lots of time.
It will also improve security on your site greatly.

Also how about instead of all this code:

if (isset($_POST['uid'])) {
     $uid = (int)$_POST['uid'];
     if ($uid <= 2) {
     	$uid = null;
} else {
    $uid = null;
You could do:
$uid = $getvar->get('uid', 'POST', 'int', array('min_between' => 3));

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I need more help?

Please see the forums.

I found a bug

Please either post on the forums or see the tickets.

I found an exploit

Please either send me a private message on the forums or you can email me technocrat @ this site's url.

I would like to suggest a new filter or other change

Please post your request here

I like being on the cutting edge, can I see the SVN?

Yes. See assebla

Can I help on the project?

If you know PHP programming, sure. Simply contact me on the forums.